About Turner Plumbing 

Experience and training make the difference at Turner Plumbing Co. The Turner Team has over 150 YEARS combined experience with the company and over 200 YEARS of experience in the industry. Our men use industry-leading technology to provide you with the most effective solutions to your plumbing needs. We take pride in our work as a fourth-generation plumbing company, and strive to provide excellence to our customers. Always.

Our Story: Leaving a Legacy

Turner Plumbing was the dream of Louise C. Turner in the late 1930’s. Following the Great Depression, her husband, Charles Hollingsworth Turner (Holly), was working as a plumber under a tyrant boss. Louise dreamt of Holly running his own company, and she set that dream in motion.

Louise knew that there was a van being auctioned off in Downtown Jacksonville, so she grabbed all of their cash. Before the auction began, the auctioneer asked those who had cash to raise their hands. Louise proudly raised her hand in the back of the crowd. She was the only one who had shown up with cash. They asked her how much she was willing to pay for the truck, and the truck was sold before the auction even began. She rushed to her son’s school to pick up Charles Hollingsworth Turner (Worth). With paint buckets and brushes ready in the garage, she told Worth to paint Turner Plumbing on the side of the truck. When Holly returned home that evening, she turned the keys over and told him he had his own company.

Holly was able to grow the company to a few employees with Louise running the office operations and keeping the books.

After Holly’s passing, Worth Turner set aside his studies at the University of Alabama and returned home to keep the company alive. Turner Plumbing’s growth continued on the solid foundation Louise and Holly had instilled of honest and loyal service. Worth worked tirelessly for many years and passed the expert plumbing teachings of his father onto his son, Buz Turner.

After 40 years of running the business, Buz passed on the daily operations to his daughter, Kendal Turner-Rohane. Kendal is a state-licensed plumbing contractor (CFC1430425). She is proud to be carrying on the values of her great-grandparents while running the family business.

Over 81 years later, Turner plumbing has flourished in Northeast Florida due to the support of our customers and our talented team.  In addition to industry-leading technology, it takes a group of special people to complete your plumbing needs. Over the years, Turner Plumbing has assembled one of the plumbing industry’s most talented teams of individuals. It is through their hard-work and dedication that Turner Plumbing has built a legacy of quality.