Video Drain Inspection

Video Drain Inspection Services

If your drains are having reoccurring issues every 3 to 6 months or the clog is unable to be pulled back with an electric drain cleaning machine, video drain line inspection is the best option for 100% confirmed results. The number 1 cause of reoccurring drainage issues is roots. Yes, ROOTS! 

Trees or even vegetation is strong enough to grow into drainage pipes. The roots tend to enter through a weak spot in the drain line or at the joint of joining pipes. Once the root is inside it often grows a bulb at the base of the root which then impedes the flow.

Your problem can often be solved the first go around by electric drain cleaning and unless roots are pulled back you would never know that it was the issue. Often times a month or 6 months may pass and the issue will happen again. At this point you may want to consider having your drain lines videoed. 

Other reasons for video drain line inspection are to pin point exactly where a break in a line may be. When the camera is fed into the sewer line a tracker is used from above to precisely locate the issue. Pipes can get bulges or often called bellies in the weak spot of the pipe. Sewer gases may also be smelled due to a crack in the pipe. All of these issues are best detected with Video Drain Line Inspection.

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