Water Heaters

We understand how important hot water is you and your family. When you call us with no hot water or a water heater issue, our office staff will make sure you become a priority on our daily schedule. We will have a technician out to your home or business that day. If you are unsure of or need help in the determination of which type of water heater best suits you, please give our office a call and we will be glad to assist you.

Tank Type Electric Water Heaters

  • Gallon capacity from 10-120
  • On demand, lowboys, medium (mid) & tall
  • Glass lined tank
  • Environmentally friendly insulated tanks
  • Six year manufacturer warranty on tanks against leakage
  • Two year manufacturer warranty on electrical components
  • Rheem, Ruud, AO Smith, State

Tank Type Gas Water Heaters

  • Gallon capacity from 30-75
  • Standard Vent & Power Vent
  • Rheem, Ruud, AO Smith, State
  • Natural Gas & Propane (LP) Gas
  • Six year manufacturer warranty on tanks against leakage

Hybrid Water Heaters

  • 50 & 75 gallon capacity
  • Electric Only
  • Less energy more efficiency
  • 6 & 10 year manufacturer warranty
  • Rheem, AO Smith, GE
  • Tax Credits Offered by some Counties/Electric Authorities

Tankless Water Heaters

  • Natural Gas or Propane (LP) gas
  • Exterior or Interior Mount
  • 150,000, 180,000 & 199,900 BTU’s
  • Navien, Rinnai & Noritz

More info on tankless water heaters:

Tankless water heaters, also known as instantaneous or demand-type, provide water as needed based on the water flow. Water is heated using gas, which is passed through the heat exchanger. With no water being held in a storage tank there is a slight delay in getting the hot water to the fixture. Typically, tankless water heaters provide hot water at a rate of 2-5 gallons per minute. Gas-fired tankless heaters slightly higher flow rates than electric ones. However, even the largest, gas-fired model cannot supply enough hot water for simultaneous uses in large households. It is recommended to install two or more tankless heaters in a row for simultaneous demands of hot water. The other option is to install separate tankless water heaters for appliances such as a clothes washer or dishwasher.

Although the initial cost of installing a tankless water heater is greater than that of a traditional tank type heater the long-term savings will be greater. It has been reported that homes uses 41 gallons or less hot water daily, tankless heaters can be 24%-34% more energy efficient than traditional tank heaters. They can be 8%-14% more energy efficient for homes using around 86 gallons per day. Information provided by ENERGY STAR®. Also some Electric Authorities/Counties/States have credits offered for installing these types of heaters.

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