Electric Drain Cleaning

Electric Drain Cleaning Service

Is water in your kitchen sink slow to drain? Are you standing in inch deep water every time you shower? Over time your drain lines fill up with scum and other things causing the water drainage to slow. After years of experience we have found all sorts of unwanted things in home drain lines. Below is a list of common causes. We keep drain line equipment on all of our trucks. We are experts at restoring proper drainage and can solve all types of drain and sewer line problems.

We don’t just show up with a plunger. Electric drain cleaning can completely remove the item causing the clog instead of just plunging it further down the drain line.

Common Culprits

Kitchen Sink:

Food debris
Coffee Grounds
Detergent builds up

Shower Drain:

Soap Scum

Toilet Drain Line:

Excessive Toilet paper
Paper towels
Feminine hygiene products
Flushable cat litter
Children’s toys

Downspout Drains:

Outdoor debris


Floor Drain:

Lack of flushing water through

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