Back Flow

Back Flow Service

Backflow preventers prevent water from flowing backwards into the water supply line, which would contaminate your water system. In the state of Florida, it is required by law to have a backflow preventer installed on all your supply lines. This includes your irrigation system for residential or commercial properties. Local city ordinances require your backflow line to be tested and certified on an annual basis. In addition, the appropriate forms must be filed with your local city department.

At Turner Plumbing, we work with our clients to proactively remind them of the inspection dates and check the backflow preventer to make any necessary repairs. When compliance is met, we will submit the paperwork to keep you in compliance, on your behalf. Many Northeast Florida Plumbing companies only test your backflow line, they do not repair them. At Turner Plumbing, we offer full-service back flow assistance. We’re here to do it all for you!

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